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The Foundational Daily Hack For Vitality: In less than 2 minutes

bodytalk techniques brain health mind body Apr 27, 2023

So you start your day like any other. You roll out of bed, brush your teeth, have your coffee and finish getting ready for work. 

You pass your partner (or mom, or brother, or son, or whoever) in the hallway and they say something in passing that bothers you. 

You didn't sleep so well and that late meal the night before is still rumbling in your tummy. You wanted just a quiet easy morning but now you can feel your energy start to rise, your temper is coming on line, this feels just like it did last time you had a fight. 

You try to hold your tongue but you lose it, you snap back with no filter and land yourself in a bickering match, just when you were supposed to be heading out the door to work. 

Bummer. What a terrible way to start your day. 

The worst part is, you know this drama too well. It sneaks up when you least expect it, even when you say, “next time will be different, I swear I won’t react”.

But how do you expect to change the reactionary patterns on a base level?

Why We All Need The Cortices Practice

You can ‘will’ yourself to change all you want. You can journal about it, you can meditate on it, you can talk to your therapist about it. These are all healthful pieces to the puzzle. Yet without a way to actually alter your brain's wiring, communication and nervous system, sheer will won’t get you very far. 

Remember, you’ve tried that a million times. 

Altering your brain's patterns can sound like a daunting, even overwhelming task. 

Like, do I need a specialist for that? 

The wonderful news is, you don't! 

It’s actually very simple and can be taken care of in less than 2 minutes a day. 

The foundational self care practice of The BodyTalk system is a technique called, Cortices. 

Cortices is magic wrapped up in the easiest thing you could ever do for yourself. 

Through a series of hand placements on your head and tapping locations, you deliver calm, nourishment and balance to your brain and nervous system; setting up your body, mind and day on a resilient, peaceful and integrated path forward. 

While it may sound too good to be true, thousands of people and practitioners rely on this practice daily as a core structure of their health, purpose and capacity to navigate the daily stressors of life. 

How Does Cortices Work?

Balancing the Brain's Hemispheres

The technology of the BodyTalk system is based in the scientific studies of quantum physics and draws from various ancient wisdom systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 

Just like the ancient past and cutting edge technology can be bridged to form a cohesive body of reliable knowledge, the left and right hemispheres of the brain can be synchronized to work at superior levels. 

This is one level of what is happening when you practice the Cortices Technique. The hemispheres are brought into greater, unified communication. This creates greater levels of clarity, ability to problem solve, see outside of the box and navigate the challenges of modern life. 

The left and right hemispheres are the poles, like masculine and feminine, and you know you do better when you're working in harmony with your male or female counterpart, right? Life is just better that way. And so it goes with your brain's poles. 

Waking Up Cold Spots In The Brain

The next thing that The Cortices Technique is doing in under 2 minutes is stimulating cold, or dormant, spots to wake up. This gentle awakening through circulation and gentle stimulation brings back online areas of your brain that represent areas of your life and consciousness you have fallen out of contact with. 

In BodyTalk, a basic understanding is that the brain models what is going on in the body-mind. Life is busy and it is difficult to stay on top of every little detail, every little sensation, remember every last calling and priority. There is just too much going on for most people. 

What happens is spots on the brain fall asleep, so to speak, when they are not being stimulated with awareness, oxygen or otherwise. Spots that stay asleep for too long lead to symptoms which if left unchecked lead to imbalances which lead to chronic illness. 

This is going on all the time. 

The beautiful part is, you have Cortices- which when practiced consistently, has the chance to circulate and wake up all those sleeping goldmines of knowledge and health in your brain. 

Can’t you just feel it already, how good it feels to have a fully awakened and refreshed brain? 

What an incredible gift to give yourself. 

Regulation Of The Nervous System

Lastly, The Cortices Technique has a balancing effect on your nervous system. As you practice it you can feel your whole system take it down a notch. You can feel your body more, you can feel your breath more, you can feel peace more. 

Gentle touch alone has a calming effect on your nervous system, teamed with this potent technique- you have a recipe for preventing much of the over-reaction that can and has easily taken over your energy and your day many times before. 

Getting the brain resourced and balanced, and signaling to your nervous system that you are safe and well so you can spend more time in the ‘rest and digest’ aspect of your nervous system is how you can flow and find new levels of fulfillment in your days and your life. 


Lets Revisit What Unfolded This Morning

So you roll out of bed, brush your teeth and do your quick and easy cortices technique. You leave your bedroom with a big smile on your face. 

You go make your coffee and bring a cup to your partner (mom, sister, dad, daughter) and share a moment of connection before you go your separate ways for the day. 

That comment wasn’t ever uttered because you were on an entirely different projection with your brainwaves and therefore your life. And even if it was uttered, it would have slid off you like a drop of water with an, “Ok, honey”.

This is life in balance and synchronization. This is life on Cortices. 

Have You Blanced Your Brain Today? 

Check out our FREE BodyTalk Cortices 1 min brain balancing micro course. 

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