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We believe that every individual has a unique way of bringing BodyTalk to their community. Whether you simply seek to use these tools for the well-being of your family, enhance your existing clinical practice or begin a career as a BodyTalk Practitioner we have educational support and solutions for you.


6 Hour community health intro level training for self care, improved client outcomes and supporting the wellbeing of your family. 

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BodyTalk Fundamentals

32 Hour Practioner level training for individuals seeking to expand clinical offerings, improve patient outcomes and develop a career in BodyTalk 

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Practitioner Mentorship

On going study support for practitioners seeking certification, career development, and maintaining clinical excellence in The BodyTalk System 

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Group Seasonal BodyTalk Sessions 

Connect your  MICROCOSM to the MACROCOSM of nature. 


Learn how to disconnect from the noise around you and tune in to what's happening in your mind, body, and soul as nature intends. Monthly Group BodyTalk sessions are attuned to  the wisdom of seasonal growth phases and cycles and support recalibration on all levels. 


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Want to learn more? Check out our FREE online intro courses all about The BodyTalk System    

Free 1 minute "Brain Balance" Micro course 

Learn the Science & philosophy behind the BodyTalk Cortices technique, tapping and our bodies innate healing. Experience guided demonstrations on the self and partner applications of the cortices technique. 

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Embracing Your Internal Technologies with BodyTalk ACCESS 

Learn about your bodies powerful healing potential and the 3 internal technologies we utilize in BodyTalk ACCESS to catalyze welllbeing. Experience an embodied tour of your inner power and its role in daily vitality. 

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Whats All The Talk About BodyTalk? Introductory Lecture Series  

Explore what priority based healing is through the BodyTalk Fundamentals approach to whole healthcare and beyond. This lecture sereis is a primer for taking any of our live courses. 

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What can you expect from a BodyTalk class?

BodyTalk is all about getting your innate intelligence activated and diving deep into potential on all levels. Classes tap you into more awareness and consciousness of your own power, authenticity and wisdom. BodyTalk training empowers vitality and connection while awakening your understanding of the body-mind complex.

Because of the life changing nature of training in the BodyTalk System, you will walk away restored, reconnected  and recalibrated. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:

Priority Based Healing 

You'll learn to let the bodies innate intelligence guide the way throught listening and understanding the root causes of disease.

Dynamic Systems Approach

We pull from wisdom traditions, modern science and quantum medicine anchored into practical application of energetic healing techniques to address the whole person. 

Individualized Transformation 

Every class allows the practitioner to access deeper layers of thier own potential and the potential of thier clients from a mind body perspective. 

Course format  for Online or in-person trainings 

You will learn how to immediately apply BodyTalk to your life, your family and the life of your clients in a practical and simple way. Live Certification courses are a blend of lecture and practical application of BodyTalk techniques and provide supervised practice giving and receiving the transformational benefits of BodyTalk.

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BodyTalk means 


 Join the revolution in whole healthcare from a mind body perspective and unlock your inherent vitality. Tap into the keys to lasting sustainable results in your healthcare practice or peak performance living for yourself and your family . Book a free intake call and discover your path to consciousness based healthcare. 

Mike W

"Bodytalk classes with Elza transformed my relationship to my health and the ways in which my body informs me on how to heal ailments. Elza is a true intuitive healer with practical skills and clinical knowledge to compliment her natural abilities to support people in their healing journey!!!"

Diana M

"I had the privilege to take BodyTalk Fundamentals with Elza in 2019 and again in 2021.  She is an instructor with so much knowledge and presents the information with passion, patience, and wisdom.  If you get a chance to learn from this fascinating woman, jump on it! "

Carly W

" I’ve taken BodyTalk fundamentals twice & BodyTalk Access. Each class changed the way I live my life, with more awareness of the power and wonder of my body and being.  I have learned so many powerful tools and so much potent information from Elza.  I love her style of teaching and look forward to future classes."

Beccah D

For both teaching and healing work, Elza provides one of the most beautiful and authentic environments I have ever experienced and has helped me overcome debilitating illness and hardship more than anyone else I have worked with."

Katie P

" I took the Bodytalk Fundamentals class with Elza, and it was a great experience! She taught the class at a pace that was easy to follow and added in many extra bonuses using her knowledge in other subjects such as Chinese medicine."

Charmaine B

"Elza is one of my favorite BodyTalk instructors! Her depth and understanding of the system makes learning from her easy, and relatable. She explains complex concepts in a way that really allow you to connect with that content. I highly recommend her as an instructor. "

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