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Why Balance Your Brain Every Day?

bodytalk techniques brain health mind body philosophy Apr 26, 2023

The simple and powerful BodyTalk Technique known as Cortices (plural for Cortex) is the foundation of radiant self care and overall vitality. 


Because the brain is the master controller of you entire body system, responsible for communication and function of every part and system, every breath and thought. 

This extremely effective practice can be done in under 2 minutes and the effects are immeasurable in terms of how you feel and the great service you do for your brain and therefore the entirety of your being. 

BodyTalk Cortices Technique increases:

  • Focus and mental clarity
  • Relaxation
  • Overall sense of well-being
  • Immediate reduction of pain 
  • Better sleep quality 
  • Reduction of shock 


What is the Cortex? 

Cortex means bark or outer layer, and in the case of our brain refers to the newest part of the brain, evolutionarily speaking. It is responsible for checking in with the entire body, It is both sides of the cortex of the brain that we are working with when doing the Cortices technique.

The cortex layer of the brain includes the occipital lobe of the brain which is responsible for spatial awareness, balance, and vision; the parietal lobe of the brain responsible for language, recognition, and sensory integration; the temporal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for hearing; and the frontal and prefrontal cortex which are responsible for planning, and higher executive function

The cortex layer of the brain is the part of your mind that helps you sense your place in the world and your responses and reactions to the world around you. It does this from a place of consciousness and awareness vs. the “lower” brains survival and reaction function. 


The 3 Functions of The Cortices Balancing

There are 3 main focal points you attend to when we do the cortices technique- balancing the left and right hemispheres, waking up the cold spots in the brain and normalizing the function of the nervous system. 


Balancing the Left and Right Hemispheres

In the cortices technique you build a link of communication between both hemispheres, improving right and left brain function as well as brain-body coordination.This helps us to improve whole mind thinking and function and whole body function Through coordinating the right and left brain function, you support both sides of the brain to work together as a unit.

Each side of the brain is responsible for controlling the opposite side of the body and drawing from specific functional intelligence.

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and is responsible for big picture thinking, felt sense and intuition. It connects you to the emotional parts of your reasoning, and is known as the more feminine or Yin, and receptive part of the brain.

The left side of the brain controls the right side of the body and is responsible for analytical thinking and pattern recognition. It is the more masculine and yang aspect  of the brain. 

In order to engender whole mind and whole body function, you want to pull from the strength and coordination of both the right and left hemispheres and their function together. The balance of the right and left coordination of the brain firing patterns, supports an updated image or mapping of the whole brain and whole body.  


Waking up the Cold Spots of the Brain

All disease at some level is reflected in the brain.

When you experience injury, trauma or emotional distress- the brain reflects this experience as a firing pattern at the cortex level. The inability to address or tend to the symptoms of the body as they reveal themselves is the underpinning of disease. When you ignore your symptoms and just keep pushing through in life they start to stack up leading to more and more disconnection. 

Symptoms when left unchecked become bigger diseases or disorders that turn into chronic health problems. 

What happens when you don’t pay attention to your symptoms is your brain stops sending resources to the area of the brain where the symptom is mapped. The brain does this in order to conserve energy but in doing so it creates breakdowns in communication to the body. These breakdowns show up as cold spots because of the diminished oxygen and nerve supply in the blood supply sent to those areas. Internal symptoms get deeply wired into your reactive nervous system as maladaptive responses and ultimately, if not dealt with, become disorder or disease. 

Doing the bodytalk cortices technique wakes up these cold spots, sending nourishment, oxygen and nerve supply to these areas so that they can remap the areas of the body that have lost communication and bring everything online; waking up the brain to address and deal with those unchecked symptoms. 

The idea is, if you can keep balancing the brain and waking up and bringing the brain online then the rest of the body will have a chance to come online as well and healing and balance can occur naturally.


Normalizing the Function of the Nervous System

Your body is controlled by two primary nervous system mechanisms- the parasympathetic (growth and healing mode) and the sympathetic (response and reaction mode). You can’t be in both at the same time and both are equally important for the overall functions of daily growth, repair and development. 

These two modes are controlled by the amygdala of the deeper, more primal aspect of the brain known as the limbic brain. What’s important to understand is that the amygdala has the power to block slow thinking, as well as information being sent up to the cortex where you can reason and check in with the rest of the body. When you are under constant stress, or experience shock or trauma, the amygdala becomes over- reactive and can push you into a third operating system known as freeze.

When the process of moving between sympathetic and parasympathetic response goes out of whack or the freeze state sets in- overall homeostasis, which is responsible for maintaining the entire body, becomes challenged. Additionally This is where chronic disease and stress disorders begin to set in. Stress is at the underpinning of the top five causes of death in the United States as well as being the linchpin of all chronic diseases. When you understand the impact of stress and nervous system dysfunction on overall health, you start to see the importance of the normalization and balance of the nervous system to be at the root of all healing. 

If you are not working to normalize the nervous system and getting the body back into a place of growth and healing, you get stuck in sympathetic or freeze states. Any treatment you seek out is going to be less effective because when you’re in a nervous system imbalance, your body has a difficult time receiving new information or even allocating resources for healing. As a result, you see poor response to treatment, including anything from pharmaceuticals to herbs, and a host of natural holistic therapies being less effective. 

Being stuck in sympathetic or freeze states push you into physiological reactions that include shallow or irregular breath patterns affecting the cardio-respiratory system, glucose and energy being sent to your muscles for response and reaction (think tension and inflammation), slowed or completely stopped digestion, diminished immune and reproductive function as well as anxious and depressive mental states. 

When you start to understand that prolonged physiological periods of these reaction states are directly associated with creating the scaffolding for disorder and disease- you can start to understand the power and importance of balancing the nervous system as a primary treatment strategy. 

It’s important that your nervous system learns how to shake off the freeze and sympathetic states so you can get back into growth and healing. 

The Bodytalk Cortices technique is capable of immediately restoring you back into growth and healing mode and overtime, supports the normalization of your body's ability to move between sympathetic and parasympathetic function. This creates overall balance and homeostasis, imparting health and vitality on all levels. 

Have You Blanced Your Brain Today? 

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