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The Power of 3

brain health mind body philosophy Apr 27, 2023

What if you have more options than you thought? 

What if you have more resources than you thought? 

What if you have endless sources of intelligence, creativity and innate capacity hidden right inside of you? 

Well, my friend, you do!

While most of the time you go around thinking you have one brain, the one in your head, the truth of the matter is there is also a heart brain and a gut brain. Each brain is responsible for incredible functions of the body-mind complex and when working together- ease, grace, clear direction and optimal health are naturally unfolding parts of your experience. 

Ancient wisdom systems like Traditional Chinese Medicine have known about the 3 brains for thousands of years, they call them the Dan Tiens- vital energy centers in the head, heart and lower belly. 

These brains are actually “Seats of Consciousness”, each one individually working wonders of intelligence and allow the miracle of a grace filled life to unfold when they are working harmoniously together. 

The Head Brain

The head brain is the brain you know, oh so well. It is the computer system responsible for the body's overall functioning, sending signals to body parts that need repair and endless other communications. The head brain is in charge of analytical and logical thinking, which in modern western culture tends to be greatly overemphasized. 

Most people tend to overwhelm this brain because we think it is supposed to do everything- when really it is one of a 3 part team. 

The Heart Brain

The heart brain is the feeling brain and the wisdom center. It is said that the soul resides in the heart. It is in charge of navigating your spiritual journey, helping the process of discovery of meaning and purpose, directing and guiding relationships and experiences. 

The heart brain is an incredible resource of intelligence when you make the space to get out of your head and feel, and listen. Sometimes a decision the head brain has decided on a logical level makes sense, the heart's sensing capacity says no. It is wise to follow suit with the wisdom path over the analytical, more often than not. It is a different kind of intelligence. 

The heart brain also supports the healing and evolutionary process of growth by storing and remembering the changes that have been made on a cellular or brain wave level. It is also where you build the courage and strength to follow your truest path, as the age old saying goes, “take heart”. 

Unresolved conflicts are stored in the heart brain as well as your stored feelings about them. It is the emotional brain and has so much guidance on how to navigate the realm of healing and understanding these conflicts and traumas so they don't manifest into physical illnesses. 

The Gut Brain

The gut brain is the most overlooked brain. The intestines are full of neurons just like the head and heart. This brain is your survival core center, it processes billions of bits of information on a daily basis and it sifts through it all guiding you how to live your most purposeful and on point life. It uses all this information and through its intellect and discernment, decides how to implement what is useful to you and discard the rest. 

The gut brain is where the majority of the microbiome is- the many bacteria that make up who you are and your unique field. The gut is pure intelligence on an instinctual level and it is easily overridden in our modern, head led world. The truth of the matter is listening to the gut can keep you out of a lot of trouble and in alignment with what is essentially right and aligned. 

The gut is also where the immune system is centered along with the important functions of digestion and assimilation on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

What happens over time when you don't listen to the gut brain is that it can get muted, this is where indigestion and similar symptoms come from. The body is always looking for ways to conserve its energy and will reallocate precious energy functions when they are not being fully appreciated and utilized. 

But gut instinct is essential to life, you just need to listen and act on that instinctual awareness to bring it back on line. The gut brain is in charge of the basic resources of the entire body and how they are allocated out to the rest of your system.  

The Magic of Synchronization

True beauty and ease unfolds when you start to intentionally work with each brain in the ways they are designed to do. You don't want to ask the head to do the guts job, but it happens all the time. Coming to a deeper understanding and flow with these powerful seats of consciousness takes an incredible load off the head brain and the imbalances that come with that. 

It lifts a sea of confusion. 

You consult the head brain for analytics, run that through your felt sense of the heart and see how it registers and bring in the instinctual awareness of the gut to receive a full intelligence picture of what the best course of action is. 

It goes much deeper too. As the head brain is taking care of logical details in the everyday layer of life, your heart is working out and broadcasting information on more profound levels of being like: Who am I? How do I express my truth? How do I give and receive love? 

These are very important life questions that belong in the terrain of the heart (not the head though we check the details of our choices out here)- and if you are not paying attention then you can roam through life without these incredibly intelligent guiding points. 

When the brains are allowed to do what they do best- the information from the lower two brains easefully travels up to the head brain (the main computer) and takes an incredible load off the entire system. 

With the brains synched up and working in harmony, stress naturally decreases, wisdom naturally increases and clarity and joy in life permeate your reality. 

Take full advantage of the incredible wisdom and resources living inside you each and every day. Allow these seats of consciousness to do their best job and you will not cease to be amazed at the levels of grace and flow that enter and remain in your life. 

Your most beautiful, fulfilling life is possible with the power of 3. 

3 Brains.

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