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Innate Intellegence: The Guiding Force of Your Life

philosophy Apr 14, 2023
What if you woke up one day to realize that the greatest source of all self wisdom and knowledge was residing inside your very own body-mind? What if that source could be tapped to direct your path, health, decision making and your overall life? That would be a reason for great celebration, right? 

Well, put on your party hat, because this is the true nature of reality- thanks to YOUR Innate Intelligence. 

As your inner compass and guiding force, you make contact with this intelligence every moment of every day, whether you notice it or not. 

The hustle bustle of modern culture has greatly dimmed many people's capacity to listen clearly to this inner guide, but that doesn't mean that it's not there and functioning ever in your greatest interest.

So what is this great inner force?


What is Innate Intelligence? 

When you cut yourself, your body’s intelligence creates inflammation and then a scabs. This is innate intelligence. 

When you just know something isn’t right, you have a hunch and you decide to act on it, only to discover that you were totally correct. This is innate intelligence. 

The way your many cells, organs, body systems, energy matrices, thoughts, and all pathways of body-mind-spirit work together every day to keep you well, safe, in equilibrium and relative contentment- this is innate intelligence. 

It is pure consciousness. 

YOU are pure consciousness, underneath it all. 

What baffles the newtonian world view (mechanical universe theory), what they want so badly to ‘figure out’ and quantify about the mystery of consciousness is exactly the *magic* that most people are seeking to deepen in the fulfillment of their lives. 

It's all right there inside of you.

Quantum physics and ancient wisdom systems are rooted in this knowledge, that the world and every cell of it is alive, sentient and composed of pure consciousness. That natural systems are functioning from Innate intelligence, all working together in perfect unison- if left undisturbed.

Your intuition is a functioning part of innate intelligence. 

As mentioned, in the modern condition, in the sheer speed and distraction of it all, many aspects of intuition and inner wisdom have become muted. 

The greatest thing we can do for ourselves, our families and our lives is to turn up the volume on our innate intelligence, because it is literally the guide you have sought for all of your life. 


How Does Innate Intelligence Guide Healing and Direction in Our Lives? 

Many therapeutic systems have at their center the knowledge of Innate Intelligence, including chiropractic work, craniosacral therapy, and energy medicine systems like BodyTalk. This is most certainly the way of the future as we integrate and discover more about the mysterious nature of reality and how we really are living in a quantum field of endless possibility. 

What this means for healing is that these sophisticated and nuanced systems that rely on innate intelligence for direction are able to be laser focused in a brilliant way because the wisdom of the body is guiding and communicating its actual, very specific needs; moment by moment, phase by phase. 

This goes for what direction you are going in your life, too. You can read all the books, take all the workshops, attend all the conferences you want…

If you are ignoring and overriding the innate intelligence that IS YOU, is your wisdom and connection and divine intelligence, then you are going to continue to feel lost and hopeless. 

On the other hand, if you slow down and tend to your interiority, begin (or continue) to value this inner diamond field, you will harvest more than you could ever imagine. You start to feel good, make healthier choices, clear toxicity out of your life and have glimpses that lead you down your most authentic path. 


Ancient Future Health Care

All things must have roots if they are to survive. ‘Ancient Future’ refers to a timeline and pathway that is rooted in the wisdom of humanity cultivated and collected over millennia in conjunction with the intelligence of the natural world and how that unfolds towards future generations. 

Ancient future health care is most certainly based in consciousness. While all modalities have their place, mediums where Innate Intelligence is the centerpiece, have staying power because they literally arise out of the rootbed of the living field of the consciousness of the earth.

With the utter sophistication of innate intelligence based healing modalities, the guess work is no longer a matter. The wisdom of the body-mind-spirit leads the way. 

The Body Knows. 

We are intricate, multi dimensional beings and our health care needs to be a clear reflection of that shining truth. 

We can each do our part by cultivating space to allow innate intelligence to be heard and take the lead, being sure to clear the dysfunctional beliefs and systems that are eclipsing its full potential. 

Health, when allowed, naturally unfolds. As well as joy, gratitude and love. 



The more you root into your deep self, following the north star of innate intelligence, the more you synchronize with your destiny and the many details, people, events, thresholds and discoveries that are the gateways of becoming. 

To be in sync with your  life, this is a measure of success worth striving for!

The whole world and everything in it is functioning from innate intelligence. When you are broadcasting yours clearly- grace and serendipity unfold. You align with the people you are in resonance with. Doors open. Magic happens. Truths become more easefully attuned with. Simply put, you mature and develop spiritually. And your health naturally blossoms. 

The more you trust in the wisdom of your intelligence, the more you allow it to guide your life and the more you leave behind outmoded versions of yourself, reality and all possibility. 

The real world is not as linear as we’ve been led to believe. As you deepen into the presence and possibility of innate intelligence, you begin to have experiences that feel as though they are happening outside time; they seem to not be limited as strongly by that structure. This is the realm of the quantum, of spirit, where synchronization is happening on cosmic levels and you are there to receive and play your humble role in its incredible unfolding. 


Ways To Boost Innate Intelligence

  • Time alone in Nature
  • Meditation + Daydreaming
  • Taking your night dreams seriously and incorporating a dream journey.
  • Energy medicine sessions to clear away dysfunctional patterns and energies.
  • Practice qi gong, yoga, tai chi or other forms of training that are based in energy cultivation.
  • Commune with the earth
  • Pray
  • Connect with your Ancestors and/or Spiritual systems you align with
  • Get in tune with your body through singing, dance, sensuality, or other somatic practices. 
  • Stop doing the things you know are hurting you.
  • Drop everything toxic and life-draining in your life.
  • Practice being honest, authentic and full of integrity- live a true code of ethics
  • Study a consciousness based healing modality like BodyTalk


BodyTalk Access

BodyTalk access is the foundational course of the BodyTalk system. It provides students with 5 foundational practices that take care of the baseline functioning of health and well being to support homeostasis. When homeostasis is supported on a regular basis, the connection between innate intelligence and how it informs the functions of the body increases. 

The 5 techniques are designed to be practiced in periods of just 10 minutes a day. They are as follows:

‘Cortices’ harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain, increasing communication with the entirety of the body-mind complex and balances the nervous system.

‘Switching’ addresses the way the body processes stress and supports greater heeding to our body's calls for care.

‘Hydration’ helps the body utilize hydration much more efficiently. Because water is at the underpinning of all of our biophysical processes, the proper balance and utilization of water is a primary key to health and balance.

‘Body Chemistry’ helps the immune system to be more competent and aware of pathogens in the environment and interactions. 

‘Reciprocals’ addresses posture and balance, allowing more flow of energy to move through the muscular skeletal system for grace, ease and movement; allowing space for the subtle energy body (meridians and chakras) to to express and harmonize. .

These techniques are designed to build upon one another and create conditions for optimal health and vitality. Want to learn BodyTalk ACCESS online or in-person? See our upcoming courses here.

It is a perfect time in human evolution to seek out, learn and practice cultivating and growing in communication with Innate Intelligence. 

“Your vision will become clear, only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” -Carl Jung

You have the greatest gift of wisdom and intelligence right there within you. Honor it, cherish it, serve it and watch your health and your life transform.

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