Cortices Brain Balance

Season #1

This episode explores the most foundational BodyTalk Technique the "Cortices" which is the first technique learned in the BodyTalk ACCESS program and the most used balancing in full BodyTalk sessions. Listen in to this deep dive into the science and philosophy of the technique through amazing life changing stories,  clinical experiences and an exploration into all the aspects of The Cortices. 

Topics in order include:

  • Introduction to Todd & Angela Adkins and their 45 years of combined therapeutic knowledge
  • Demystifying the magic and beauty of the BodyTalk Cortices Technique Balancing the brain itself & the body brain connection
  • Cortices as a day to day technique to address imbalanced emotions , pain and overwhelm
  • Cortices experience that changed a deep seated fear in just a few moments and changed an entire life path
  • Cortices in an emergency situation for a 3 year old with a serious head injury
  • Exploring the Left & Right Brain Function and what whole mind thinking is and why it is so important
  • How the cortices impact the nervous system for overall function, health and growth in our lives
  • How using cortices over time helps to reduce the brains stress reactions and emotional fear based reactions and triggers
  • How the cortices has immediate impacts on over all health, wellbeing, mind state and the physical body
  • How the cortices helps remap the brain and wake up areas that have gone dormant in the brain
  • The cortices balancing and its impact on stress and disease by investing Into our health equity
  • Connect with Todd & Angelas offerings in BodyTalk & MindBody Medicine
  • Special Coupon episode discount for upcoming BodyTalk classes though

Host: Elzabieta Kosmicki

Guests: Todd & Angela Adkins

Musical Break Featuring King Boo 

Intro Music: Ichiban Productions