Three Brains

Season #1

Explore how BodyTalk ACCESS works with the concept of the 3 brains with Certified BodyTalk ACCESS trainer and Mindscape instructor Sufen Paphassarang of Singapore. Listen in as we dialogue about her passion for BodyTalk and its ongoing developments and clinical applications. 

In February 2011, Sufen received a devastating diagnosis that would alter the course of her life and ultimately guide her in a different direction altogether. Doctors told her that with Graves’ Disease, a form of autoimmune hyperthyroidism, she would need to rely on a cocktail of medications for the rest of her life. Rather than allowing herself to feel defeated by an illness that’s deemed irreversible in the eyes of conventional medicine practitioners, Sufen instead rose to the challenge, refusing any drug intervention and turning to a naturopath to help her manage her symptoms.

Sufen had always been drawn to alternative therapies and the concept of healing naturally through touch and food was greatly appealing to her. Instinctively, she knew that there was more to be explored in the way of holistic treatment and about a month into her illness, a friend introduced her to BodyTalk. It only took one session for her to feel significant improvement in her body and see changes in the symptoms she had been experiencing. With regular BodyTalk sessions, her overall health condition began to transform and the progress she saw in herself was validated by monthly blood test results and consultations with an endocrinologist. To the amazement of medical professionals, she made a complete recovery within 9 months and the disease has never returned!

Show topics include 

Sufen's Background and personal benefits working with healing graves disease 

Opening up the aspects of who are you as a person through BodyTalk ACCESS

How BodyTalk ACCESS works efficiently and quickly in a fast paced urban environment such as Singapore  

Defining the "Three Brains" the head, heart and gut brains and how research is beginning to understand the function of each of these brains as well as how we use each brain to implement BodyTalk Techniques 

  • The head or mind brain and its amazing computing system and how when we misunderstand it's role and the impacts of that on our health, stressors and decisions 
  • The "Heart Brain"  role in connection 
  • The "Gut Brain" and its role in the microbiome and neurotransmitter production

Engagement of the three brains through BodyTalk ACCESS tapping process at each level of consciousness and brainwave frequencies 

The heart brain and the souls role of integrating experience and wisdom and its underlying knowledge of how our conflicts impact health or disease. How emotional intelligence is modulated by the heart. 

The gut microbiome and the roles of bacteria, fungi and parasites ability to mirror our thinking and external life experience. How gut instincts and gut feelings rule decision making and deep knowing. 

How the 3 brains work together to support our life path and decisions 

How BodyTalk ACCESS is helping parents with children's seizures and in just 2 weeks changing the balance of the brain circulation illustrated though imaging and greatly reducing the frequency and eliminating the impact of seizures. 

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