BodyTalk Fundamentals Course 

September 23rd - 26th 2023 

Crestone, Colorado

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Deepen your understanding of mind-body medicine and clinical application of The BodyTalk System  

Immerse yourself one of North America's most activated natural landscapes at the base of the Sangre De Cristo Crestone mountain range under some of the darkest skies and quietest places on the planet. This weekend retreat course will transform how you use your clinical skills to support practical awareness and profound inner and outer healing for your self and your clients.

The BodyTalk Fundamentals course provides a comprehensive introduction to the BodyTalk SystemTM and presents many powerful consciousness-based healing techniques that address a wide variety of symptoms on all levels of the body and mind.

What you will Learn In The Course:

 Scientific and philosophical perspectives on health through the lens of consciousness 
Hands on practical application of the BodyTalk Fundamentals techniques 
How to enhance your clinical practice and skills through a whole healthcare framework

Working with the bodies innate intelligence

Learn how to effectively enhance your structured intuition to connect to the bodies inborn ability to heal and balance. Deepen your communication with the body and mind and follow the guidance of your clients unique body stories. 

Dynamic Systems

theory & practice 

Expand your understanding of whole healthcare to embrace an understanding of physical, environmental, emotional and biological aspects of dis-eases manifestation. Effectively learn how to reveal the root causes of a wide variety of health conditions. 

Priority based listening 

Learn how to utilize muscle checking to set up communication with the body through a structured protocol. Learn how to clinically discern areas of the body and mind that are a priority to balance and how to effectively restore harmony in those areas. 


“The General approach to healthcare will be undergoing radical changes as science continues to discover new information about how the body and mind operate.  There is a paradigm shift taking place in our understanding of how disease manifests in the human living system.  The BodyTalk System already operates out of this new understanding, blending quantum physics with ancient philosophical knowledge, to support people, with an innovative, as well as effective, way for healing their aliments” -BodyTalk Fundamentals Text 

Space is limited to 12 Participants 

Sign up today and secure your space for this intimate and transformational learning experience. 250 page electronic textbook & Reference guides included, as well as online follow up learning post workshop.

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*Healthy organic lunch included daily in course fee. 

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Doctors & ND's 

Expand your clinical understanding of mind-body medicine and  transform how you address the root causes of disease. 


Improve clinical effectiveness and outcomes for your patients by prioritizing your treatment protocols 

Massage Therapists 

Enhance your services and scope of practice to include advanced speciality in consciousnesses based healthcare. 

Health Advocates 

Jumpstart a new career in energy medicine while supporting your family and communities access to holistic, competent healthcare. 

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Experience, refuel & revitalize in nature

Spend an extra day or two of  time to be present in nature and explore the elemental wisdom of Crestone’s vast landscape.

Historically Crestone has been a site for sacred prayer and healing for hundreds of years; making the landscape the perfect environment for learning and practicing energy medicine. 

Deeply integrate the transformational nature of this course through daily nature immersion, morning qi gong and meditation. 

Meet Your Instructor & Facilitator 

Elzabieta Kosmicki has been involved with BodyTalk for over 20 years and has been professionally practicing BodyTalk since 2006 she is an advanced certified practitioner; and is continually evolving her skills with professional development and adjunct training.

Elzabieta couples much of her knowledge and 2 decades of clinical practice in Classical Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration, joint mobilization, manual therapy, efficient movement, martial arts, herbalism and women's care  into her BodyTalk sessions and teaching. She has extensive experience as a community health advocate and has worked thoroughly in health disparities and underserved populations.  

Elzabieta is also a certified BodyTalk Instructor, and has been teaching BodyTalk courses since 2009, she has trained and certified hundreds of professionals and lay people in BodyTalk ACCESS and BodyTalk Fundamentals across the globe. Elzabieta's teaching experience started in 2002 as a community health educator, she began teaching BodyTalk as part of her work in public health focusing on professional development for therapists and counselors. In her  years of teaching she has worked in  community health outreach, education in jail and treatment facilities and public/private courses for individuals, professionals and organizations. 

She enjoys daily Qi Gong and martial arts training and practice in nature, educating the public on lifestyle medicine though her online platform and teaching in her martial arts school in Crestone Colorado at the base of the world renown Crestone Needle.

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